What is a CHILIBOMB?
It’s the difference between “boring, no choices and predictable” and “explosive, new and dangerously delicious.” When you enter the CHILIBOMB bomb factory, you’re a mad scientist with the ability to custom-create your own Weapon of Mass Deliciousness from our complete arsenal of savory toppings and more! Your mission? To destroy your hunger with your exclusively-built “CHILIBOMB of dreams!”

You start building your CHILIBOMB with your choice of bomb casings. Then you’ll continue through the unforgettable experience of designing your ordinance exactly the way you want it using the highest-quality ingredients available. It’s your choice, every mouth-watering step of the way – your only limits are your imagination and how incendiary you want your CHILIBOMB to be!

So go ahead, arm a Hell Hound Chili Bombshell with diced onion, shredded cheddar and Nuclear Hot Sauce topped off with corn bread croutons and sour cream. Or detonate a Salad Explosion with tortilla chips, pinto beans and sweet salsa. At CHILIBOMB, there’s no limit on the number of destructive varieties you can create, and it’s never the same explosion twice! Fear not: CHILIBOMB also offers Chubby Busters – menu items so dangerously delicious that you won’t even know they’re low fat or low carb. So dive into a salad with chili-infused dressings or one of our vegetarian chili entrees and prepared to be blown away. At CHILIBOMB, you have full security clearance to custom-build an explosive device to suit YOUR specific diet option and lifestyle.

At CHILIBOMB, there are no duds – no matter how you formulate your CHILIBOMB, your hunger will be 110% annihilated!!