CHILIBOMB™ is a hot new restaurant concept that is racy, dangerous, controversial and downright outrageous – not to mention explosively fun. It will blow all of your preconceived notions of the casual dining experience to smithereens. “Shock and awe” is the only way to describe your reaction as you enter the bomb factory-themed chili parlor. Once inside, you’ll be blown away when you first lay eyes on the “CHILIBOMB Superhero” and witnessing the “Bomb Technicians” assembling your weapon of choice from one of our award-winning chili recipes made fresh on the premises daily.

A major part of the experience is exercising your creativity in custom-designing your own deliciously dangerous weapon of choice. Light the fuse on any of our ballistic CHILIBOMBS, including “Salad Explosions,” “Hunger Busters” and “Spud Bombs,” all of which are configured using our arsenal of ingredients with the aid of blueprints and bomb diagrams.

At CHILIBOMB, you’re in command, as there’s no limit on the number of destructive varieties you can zero in on, and you’ll never experience the same explosion twice!